This service includes:
• planning ,production and scheduling ,
• planning detailed checklist ,
• full contact availability during the complete process of organization and preparation
• identifying and hiring professionals and service providers, ( ( photo-video, Dj/
Band, flowers/decor, rental , food , cake etc…)
• design,
• procurement of customized decoration and other elements ,
• timing organization,
• logistics,
• the vision of Moodboard and layout,
• realationship with Celebrants and curation of all necessary wedding documentations,
• graphic design
• budget control,
• deoration, shopping consulting,
• Venue scouting ,
• all the necessary inspections
• planning and organization of pre-wedding day,
• guest management, transfer and reservation management,
• have a back-up plan in the event of disaster,
• preparations and execution of contracts,
• direction and coordination during the wedding day with a necessary professional wedding staff.